Friday, August 31, 2012

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Lou (Gourd) is a very useful vegetable. This easily digestable vegetable prevents different types of diseases. Its juice is also very useful for heart diseases.  Lou ghanta is very popular to Bengalee people. Anyone can use this vegetable as a  non-veg item also. If chingri or prawn is used with this vegetable then the mouth watering is sure to come to any food lover.Here I am sharing this recipe with you all.

  • Ingredients
  •      1.Lou 250gm
  •       2.prawn (any size you may take)  150gm.
  • chilly 3/4 pieces
  •       4.cumin powder 3 tea spoons
  •       5.Turmeric powder 1/2 tea spoon
  •       6.Salt & sugar as required
  •       7.Black cumin one pinch
  •       8.Corriander leaves a little
  •       9. Oil  as required

                1.At first the prawns to be cleaned well.
                2.Now heat the oil into a pan, fry the prawns lightly and keep these aside.
                3.Put the black cumin into the hot oil and with that add a green chilly and
                    the lou pieces.
                4. Now stir it  & lid it  in light flame for 2 minutes.
                5. After that uncover it and add cumin powder, turmeric powder and salt.
                     Stir it well and lid it for sometime.
                 6. After 4/5 minutes the lou will be soft , then add the fried prawns, sugar 
                      and 2/3 pieces green chilly and cover it again.
                  7.After sometime uncover it and add corriander leaves  and a broken 
                       green chilly to have a fresh green smell.  
                  8.After 2/3 minutes the lou chingri is now ready to be served with rice


  1. please explain .. what is this Lou,Lou ghanta and chingri.